Adventures in the Seven Lands

Travels over the mountain

Day 1
After the meeting with the Patriarch, our intrepid adventures sallied forth into the world. They wisely decided to take the river passage to Simes. After two days travel up river, they arrived safe and sound.
Day 3
Once there, it was decided to sign on as guards for one of the merchant caravans. The Caravan Master was not impressed by our mage and only offered half pay. As for our Barbarian companion, the Master assigned a member of the guard to watch him! The caravan was leaving first thing in the morning, and the party was invited to sleep outside the gates with the wagons and other guards.
The Cavalier, distaining such accommodations, offered to pay for indoor lodgings. Once there, the innkeeper demanded FIVE gold pieces each! For a single room for all of them! Outraged, but calm, our eloquent Cavalier talked him down to 1 gold piece each. He then proceeded to pay for all, except the Barbarian. Our kind-hearted Fighter then chipped in 1 gold piece for the Barbarian.
A watch schedule was set and our heroes settled for the night. During the middle watch, the Cavalier noticed that his belongings had been rifled through. He then woke the party and they searched for clues. Finding nothing inside pointing to the culprit, they then saw tracks to and from outside the window. The Rangers followed these back to the Merchant camp outside the gates, then lost them in the camp itself.
Day 4
Put on their guard, the party argued loudly over breakfast about who should hold the Letter of Accreditation and the Message to the Celestial Realm. It was decided that the Cleric was best suited to the task, and that the Cavalier was an obvious target anyway.
They then joined up with the Caravan and began the trek over the mountains.
Day 6
After two days of uneventful travel, the caravan entered a wooded plateau. As evening approached they heard a howling from the east. The Rangers immediately identified these as Worgs and the Caravan circled up. Sure enough, twenty Worgs with Goblin Riders came storming out of the woods. The Fighter, Rangers, Cleric and Mage prepared for battle at long range. Not content to wait for the arrival of the foe, the Cavalier charged the lead Goblin. The Barbarian likewise leapt over the barricade and charged into battle.
Signing in exasperation at her companions, the Mage cast Web over the charging horde managing to entrap most of them, as well as the Barbarian. This of course did not stop our Barbarian from attacking the nearest Worg and Rider.
The Cavalier, possibly out of a misplaced sense of Chivalry, decided to throw his lance into the ground as he charged his foe and attacked with his Long Sword. To the puzzlement of all, he did this twice.
Meanwhile, the Mage picked off several Goblins and Worgs at a distance, before deciding to light the web on fire. Warning her companions ahead of time, she waited until the web was almost done and lit it on fire. After being webbed and singed, over half of the remaining Worgs and Riders fled. The Barbarian flew into a Rage to escape the web and almost made it to the edge before being singed. He then took it out on the nearest Worg and Rider. The Cavalier easily escaped the web and rode down the Worg and Rider he was battling, again deciding to throw his lance to the ground.
Back at the barricade, the Fighter, Rangers and Cleric were fighting for their lives against several of the Riders who made it through. Remarkably, it seemed that the very hides of the beasts were made of metal, as no sword would bite. Then to every ones horror, the Cleric was savaged by two Worgs and went down. Seeing a companion in dire need, the Cavalier rode to the barricade, leapt from his steed and rendered aid.
The Mage then quickly dispatched the Worg that attached her, hitting it with a shocking grasp.
Seeing that their numbers were dwindling, the remainder of the Worgs and Riders fled thus ending the battle.
The Caravan Master was exceedingly grateful and offered full pay to the Mage and hinted of a bonus. A Priest traveling with the Caravan healed the heroes of the day.
Day 8
After a good night’s rest, our heroes decided to have another loud discussion over who holds the documents. After several suggestions where offered and dismissed, they decided on keeping the status quo.
Day 9
After a night off from guard duty, the Barbarian was once again paired with his ‘companion’, Dougie. Strangely, Dougie wandered off during the night and came back before the end of the shift. Sensing that this was strange behavior, the Barbarian spoke with the party that next morning. It was decided that the Rangers should hide outside of camp and track Dougie if he decided to leave again.
Day 10
That night, Dougie left the camp, followed by the Rangers at a distance. He met up with another human in the woods. Sneaking closer, the Rangers over hear them discussing an ambush of the Caravan the next night. Dougie then crept back to the camp.
The party decided to confront Dougie with the Caravan Master in attendance. With the Barbarian ready to administer a beating if needed, Dougie decided to talk. The Bandit plan was to ambush the Caravan the next night and for him to back stab the Cleric and steal the Documents. The Caravan Master immediately woke everyone and began to break camp, not wanting to be anywhere near the bandits. The party decided to make a surprise attack on the Bandit camp. The Caravan Master refused to send any other guards to help and the party was on its own.
Sneaking close, the Rangers found that one of the two sentries was less alert. The party circled the camp and the Rangers made quick work of the inattentive sentry. (Let this be a lesson to all those who stand guard.) The mage cast a web over the sleeping Bandits, capturing all but the other sentry. That sentry was shot down as he fled.
The bandits soon gave up their leader, as well as their pants, after they were bound. Leaving the rest of the bandits behind, the party returned to the Caravan. They presented him to the Caravan leader, who let them know of the 400 gp bounty on his head.
Day 11
After some fruitless interrogations, it was decided to get the bandit leader drunk to weaken his will. Further questioning then uncovered that he was hired by some guy in a bar (Jo-kim) back in Ankbareth and he was to steal the Documents and kill the party if he could.
Tired by the previous night’s excursion, the party retired for the night.
They were rudely awoken by an Ettin attacking the camp. The guards, merchants and Caravan Master bravely ran away. The Ettin, looking for the easiest prey, saw the Bandit Leader tied up and drunk. The Ettin proceeded to throw him through the nearest wagon. The Barbarian and Cavalier, ever ready for hand to hand charged the Ettin. The Cavalier got a good strike with his lance before being hurled from his horse by a blow from the Ettin. The Barbarian also got a good strike before being pummeled by the other arm. After some quick arrow shots, the Fighter and Rangers attacked with their Long Swords do further damage to the now enraged Ettin. It was finished off by an acid arrow to the gut from the Mage.
Our heroes then went to check out the Bandit Leader, who was well and truly dead; stuck in the side of a wagon carrying bolts of cloth. At least the bounty on him was dead or alive.


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